Melissa Skinner, M.A., LCPC

I have a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology and am a board certified Mental Health Counselor. I have been working in the mental health field for over 15 years, in both therapeutic and research settings. 
What I love most about my work is seeing people thrive, feel good about their lives and become the best version of themselves. I am very passionate about breaking the stigma around mental health and giving a voice to the silent suffering that people often experience.

If you are not feeling like yourself, and are depressed, anxious or dealing with trauma or relationship issues, I have the training and experience to help you.

I work with both teenage and adult populations and provide individual and family therapy. Additionally I provide wellness services and workshops on various topics related to mental health and psychological well-being.

Some of my Psychotherapy Specialties include:                                                                
* Child and Adolescent Issues
* Depression & Anxiety
* Behavior & Mood Problems
* Parenting Concerns & Challenges 
* Family Counseling 
* Grief & Loss
* Trauma & PTSD
* Life Transitions
Being invited to work with individuals who choose to grow, heal, change and overcome challenges is a joy and a privilege to me. I look forward to helping you find hope, healing and a new direction in your life.

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